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First Hand Accounts of the University of Texas' 1966 Shooting

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Comments (9)

Steven avatar

Beautifully crafted film. I was really moved during the part when Claire Wilson James talks about her love with the late Thomas Eckman and the animation transitions to color. Also, just knowing about the bravery of Rita Starpattern enriches me.

Anonymous picture

I'd heard about the UT shooting and, I remember it from my childhood but didn't know the details. Incredibly moving. The animation fit the narrative so well even though the story was achingly tragic. The feelings of guilt by some of the heroes were so touching. The teenager who thought he ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Very touching and sometimes it felt like a horror movie, especially with the real footage. I just hope this is the last documentary about a mass shooting.

Anonymous picture

surreal...gruelling...time travel.. genius..sadly will be made over and over just different American cities.

Anonymous picture

I was skeptical and reluctant to watch this. Animation, from anime to cartoons, simply never interested me. Well, I stand corrected. The use of this particular style of animation enhanced the story and approached this difficult subject in a uniquely deep way. Bravo to all those involved ...Read more

Lauren avatar

Such a moving story told in such a beautiful way. The animation is fantastic. Documentary storytelling at it's best!

Anonymous picture

Absolutely superb and riveting. This is the finest DocuDrama I've ever seen. As Anna and Olivia have already stated, I really like that the emphases was put on the victims and all those who "stepped up" as well as those folks who admitted that they were too terrified to try and do something. ...Read more

Anna avatar

Incredible approach to storytelling with the use of rotoscopic animation. Filmmaker Keith Maitland effectively navigates the seriousness of school shootings and trauma by allowing the audience to dive deeply into the perspectives of survivors, heroes, and even bystanders. The delicate editing ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Possibly one of the best documentaries I have watched in a long time. Using a clever montage of real footage, edgy animation and interviews, the story of the shooting is told from the perspectives of the survivors - something that became a process of healing for many.