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Anonymous picture

Okay, but seemed like a TV movie, cheesy F/X. Yes, this Hitler was no Bruno Ganz (RIP). But neither did Tukur have the force of personality to convey Rommel's historic stature, he came off like a nice guy who happened to be a great military tactician. Prefer James Mason in "The Desert Fox" ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I am a most humble student of military history, which I have studied for many years, as a hobby, of sorts. Rommel was one of the most brilliant military commanders the world has ever seen, except that he played on the wrong team. He finally realized that, but only too late. I feel so sorry ...Read more

Anonymous picture

At 5'6", Rommel was shorter than Hitler (5'9"). The incessant bickering among the general staff was well portrayed. And I suppose this movie was based on Speidel's 1950 book on Rommel and the Normandy campaign.

Anonymous picture

Very informitive!

Anonymous picture

splendid cast...ROMMEL so charismatic. why did SPIEDEL SURIVE, I WONDER?

Anonymous picture

Wikipedia says Spiegel managed to avoid that kangaroo court we saw in the movie and just got jailed, and then escaped. Also he apparently not only survived but became a freaking NATO high commander. I guess "I tried really REALLY hard to murder Hitler one time" was considered a sufficient get ...Read more

Anonymous picture

They could have cast a more imposing and believable Hitler. Other than that, it was pretty good.

Anonymous picture

Agreed, as regards the casting of Hitler.

Byravan avatar

Moving and sad tribute to a great general. Well played by the lead actor Ulrich Tukur. Never even heard of him before but he made a great impression. I was struck by the spectacular uniforms of the Wehrmact brass. I am sure they were authenticated accurately. Also enjoyed the accuracy of the ...Read more

Dylan James avatar
Dylan James

very good acting

Anonymous picture

This was an interesting film, and I enjoyed watching it.