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A Most Violent Year
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A Most Violent Year

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Comments (8)

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This movie is ridiculously bad. It is some weird fantasy that somehow if a business person does things at least roughly morally, he or she can and will succeed. That is simply not how capitalism and capitalist business works. I can't imagine why somebody thought this was a story that would ...Read more

Anonymous picture

So in New York in 1981, it was against the law for a truck driver to defend himself when he's being highjacked? The story really fell apart here.

Anonymous picture

It had its good moments. Jessica Chastain was good but for me the film felt a little flat. Or left me feeling that way is more accurate.

Anonymous picture

Solid. Gritty. Well played. Isaac exceptional.

Anonymous picture

Good rendition of NYC in the 80s, but not my kind of story.

Anonymous picture

O.K. story..hard to follow

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Anonymous picture

One of the best movies that I have seen on Kanopy.