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Digital Disconnect
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Digital Disconnect
Fake News, Privacy and Democracy

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Anonymous picture

Very well-developed arguments with a wealth of carefully selected specifics. Ultimately the salvation of both democracy and capitalism depends on who takes charge. It's already happening with Facebook and "fake news." As Chesney points out, now 31% of the public trust what they read on ...Read more

Chase avatar

McChesney must be given credit for boiling his treatise on the horrors of our contemporary surveillance state into a concise hour and five minutes. Rarely do I encounter documentaries with such cogent and and historically grounded arguments, leading me to conclude that more documentarians ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I had the chance to hear McChesney discuss this documentary with Sut Jhally, the producer. That was a true delight. Though I do not agree with McChesney in all accounts, his critique of the current media scape is important and timely

Adriaan avatar

I hadn't realized Facebook is a news site. I was washed out to social media after MySpace...

What is the solution to fake news? I image it will become more sophisticated as production tools evolve. Something like B movies except imitation news legally justified as satirical dry humor. ...Read more